Riders And Sliders: Store Sign Sees the LIGHT!


When Neil Armstrong first stepped onto the moon  July 20, 1969 he made the historic statement “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Wednesday night in Portland, Oregon another historic moment took place, The Riders And Sliders Store Sign was installed and lighted for the very 1st time. 

When asked about his sign, Riders And Sliders store owner Erik Nyberg replied “The exciting part for me, as the owner, was seeing the store sign light up for the first time… I almost felt like I was walking on the moon!”


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5 Comments on “Riders And Sliders: Store Sign Sees the LIGHT!”

  1. Ian Says:

    Dude that sign looks great! Great to see the name up in lights. Nice work on the graphics Bryan! Let me know when the construction is done, can’t wait to see the place!

  2. Chris Clawson Says:

    awesome, simply awesome! Congratulations Erik!!

  3. gabe Says:

    Finally! Wahoo! Excited also to see the place! Way to Erik!

  4. Cheryl Hughes Says:

    Congratulation Erik, I’m so excited for you and your new adventure. Look forward to coming by and checking it out. Need any free help setting stuff up just holler, free is a good price and would love to help you out if you need it…Good Luck!

  5. Ingrid Says:

    Many Congratulations Erik – what a great store, fabulous sign, and finally – a great place to take my boards and bikes~I’ll be right over!

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